Female Condoms

What is the female condom?

The female condom (also called the internal, insertive, or bottom condom) is a lubricated pouch that can be worn internally (in the vagina or the anus) during sex. It protects against pregnancy and some STIs. Currently, there is only one brand and style of internal condom in the United States – the FC2.

How effective are they?

Female condoms provide less protection from STIs than male condoms, so male condoms might be safer for use in anal sex.

How to use the female condom for anal sex:

  1. Put the condom in place before any genital contact with your partner. Unlike the male condom, you can insert the female condom hours before you have intercourse.
  2. Find a comfortable position, perhaps lying on your back with legs bent and knees apart or standing with one leg lifted.
  3. Carefully take the condom out of the wrapper.
  4. Hold the condom so that the open end is hanging down. Squeeze the inner ring (at the closed end of the pouch) with your thumb and middle finger so it becomes long and narrow. Use plenty of lubricant to insert the condom into the anus.
  5. Use one or two fingers inside the condom to push in the closed end of the condom. The smaller internal ring helps to hold the female condom in place, but it can be removed if it is uncomfortable.
  6. Another option is to remove the smaller ring and put the condom on your partner’s erect penis. Your partner’s penis will insert the condom into your anus.
  7. Make sure that the condom is not twisted inside the anus. The larger ring and about 1 inch of the condom should stay on the outside of your anus. This provides extra protection against STIs that are transmitted by skin-to-skin contact.
  8. Use plenty of lubricant on both sides of the condom and on your partner’s penis.
  9. If the condom slips out during intercourse, stop immediately. Remove the condom and throw it away. Then, add extra lubricant to the anus and insert a new condom.
  10. Remove the condom by twisting the outer ring gently (so that the ejaculate stays inside the condom) and then carefully pull out the condom.
  11. Check the condom for tears. If there are any, you and your partner may need to get tested for STIs.
  12. Wrap the condom in a tissue and throw it in the trash. Don’t flush condoms down the toilet, because they can clog plumbing.